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Self Insurance Certified Specialist®

Self Insurance Certified Specialist® (CCWS) is a digital course for anyone interested in self funding, that gives you all the knowledge that the industry holds and the designation that your peers respect.

This certification program has a continuing education subscription plan in order to access the catalog of continuing education course and materials to remain in compliance with your personal certification designation.

You will be automatically enrolled in a continuing education subscription plan, and charge based on the payment plan chosen.

  • $995
    Continuing Education Subscription Plan Annual Fee $150.00
    Continuing Education Subscription Plan Monthly Fee $22.00
  • 8+ Hours of
    Learning Courses
  • 10 Easy-to-Consume
  • 100-Question
    Multiple-choice Exam
  • 120+ Page
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  • Learn how to implement and manage the most cutting edge plans
  • Learn compliance and legal issues
  • Individualize yourself from the others in the self funding industry with our one of a kind certification
  • learn about transparency issues with costs and vendors/service providers